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High Capacity Fan Coils


Zehnder Rittling High Capacity Fan Coils stand out of the crowd due to their unique heavy-duty construction and ability to overcome high external static pressures. 


Our High Capacity Fan Coils provide a centralized single unit that supplies conditioned air to multiple locations or a large volume of air to a single location. Horizontal hideaways feature field reversible back or bottom duct returns providing the field with added flexibility. Airflows ranging from 400-3200 CFM allows the designer unmatched options when laying out equipment to meet room loads. All the units are designed with removable panels for case of maintenance. Drain pans are sloped in two directions, are externally insulated with closed cell insulation and can be easily removed for cleaning providing improved IAQ. Vertical High Capacity Fan Coils can be provided with double wall construction to meet even more stringent design requirements. All filtered units are provided with 2" thick MERV 7, high-efficiency pleated filters as standard. All belt drive units come with variable pitched sheaves, allowing field adjustments during air balancing.


Contact the Zehnder Rittling team to let us find the ideal solution for your energy-efficient heating and cooling indoor climate needs.

  • Belt drive units have the added flexibility of adjustable sheaves should site conditions dictate an adjustment to the unit airflow.
  • Vertical units have easily removable fan decks for ease of maintenance and removable drain pans for easy cleaning and superior IAQ. 
  • Vertical units can also be supplied with double wall construction for easy cleaning and to eliminate any risk of fiberglass in the air stream.
  • Easily removable access panels allowing adequate room to service the units.
  • 2" MERV7 filters, removable drain pan (vertical units) and double wall construction option (vertical units) providing superior indoor air quality.

The Zehnder Rittling line of High Capacity Fan Coils are ideal for applications requiring higher capacities, higher airflows and additional external static capability. Epoxy powder coated units, in conjunction with decorative grilles, provide a clean look when the units have to be out in the open. Belt drive units provide the outputs required when total static pressures approach 2.0" w.g. and the flexibility to adjust in the field as needed.

  • Schools
  • Universities
  • Stadium concourses
  • Office buildings
  • Military bases
  • Airports
  • Hospitals
  • Motels
  • Hotels
  • Churches
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